Born in the musical city of Colombia (Ibagué-Tolima). Julián was part of various “ensambles de cuerdas” (string arrangement group) at school. He also studied classical guitar for two years at the Conservatorio de Música de Ibagué. Soon after that he swapped his classical guitar for an electric one and started a rock band. For several years he wrote music for different projects, exploring rhythms, melodies and harmonies from genres such as rock, ska, pop, indie and reggae. Within these projects he shared stage with well-known Colombian groups Los Aterciopelados and La Derecha. He recorded his first CD with an independent record label: “Don Peyote y los viajes del Dharma”

In 2003 he travelled to England, once there he realised the importance of playing music from his own country, from his roots. Later in 2004 whilst travelling around Brazil, he would come back to the classical guitar and the finger picking style. From this moment he began his journey into Colombian and Latin American folklore. The group “Nubes Verdes” was the result of this exploration into Colombian folk music. Along with Miranda Bungey and various Colombian musicians, he recorded his second EP: “Alegrias y Cocadas”. With this group he participated as a guest artist on the CD “Pijao en el Corazon de Colombia”, which was produced, edited and mixed by Maestro Humberto Galindo Palma and Daniel Vina Caycedo in Ibague, Colombia.

He also had the opportunity In 2005-2006 to use music in social care projects in Colombia. These workshops, involving adults displaced due to violence in Colombia and street children and with the use of songs and traditional Andean musical instruments, allowed adults and children to compose and record songs based on their experiences of violence and political unrest, with very positive results.

A bridge between England and Colombia had been established and in 2007 Julián returned to Bristol with the clear intention of continuing playing Colombian and Latin American music. This time, he took advantage of being able to talk to lots of people on this side of the world. His new project “Mercado Mestizo”, along with Miranda Bungey, Jorge Rodriguez and Raimundo Fernandez, also raised awareness about different issues in Colombia. They performed at several festivals and venues and managed to raise money for a cultural project in the south of Colombia for the indigenaous community of Ambaló. A community that is trying to rescue its ancestral traditions, a problem faced by multiple indigenous communities in Colombia.

In 2009 he returned to Colombia for a year during which he wrote three new songs: “Tamal con Aguardiente” “Raices y Alas” and “Sueños de Libertad”, recorded by the amazing singer from Ibagué Heidy Castro, for which he reached the final of the “Leonor Buenaventura” competition, a national level competition awarding the composition of new Colombian music.

“Every time I go to Colombia I discover something new from my culture, something that has always been around me but just not explored deeply by myself. On this occasion, it was dance music from Colombia. People in my country love dancing and every region around the country has its own style of dance music. Around the world dancing is present in every culture. Music to make you dance is huge in Latin America and when people dance, people have fun, forget their problems and stimulate the body and the spirit in a positive way. I think people can even be more receptive to your music and message”. This led to the creation of his new Bristol based project Ají Pa’ Ti  “the new tropical sound” in 2010.

Examples of  Julián Segura’s music are available to listen at the following link:

Julian Segura Music
Julián Segura

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